Current Club: Retired
Age: 36
Position: FC
Nation: England
City: Manchester
Footstar Link: Warren Jones


Warren Jones is a world star name for fans across Europe.

Having made his England Under 21 debut in 24/11/08, Warren Jones has gone on to make 20 appearances.

Having made his England debut in 18/01/10, Warren Jones has gone on to make 30 appearances.

At the international level he played a total of 50 games, scored 14 goals and was nominated MoM 3 times for England and England Under 21.

At city level competition he made his debut for Manchester on 12/03/12 and went on to play 16 games, scoring 16 goals in total.

He began his career at Blackpool AFC in season 5, making a total of 2 appearances and scoring 1 goal in his first club.

In season 5 he joined FS Allstars and made 10 appearances. He was on loan to Bristol Rovers FC in season 8 and made 15 appearances scoring 12 goals. In season 9 he joined Bristol Orient and made 6 appearances scoring 4 goals. In season 9 he joined FS Allstars. He was transferred to FC United in season 9 for £25000 and made 35 appearances scoring 11 goals. He was transferred to Wunchas in season 11 for £30000 and made 54 appearances scoring 45 goals. In season 15 he joined Hardly Athletic and made 36 appearances scoring 27 goals. In season 16 he joined Predators and made 68 appearances scoring 45 goals. He was transferred to Kinsale AFC in season 20 for £300000 and made 49 appearances scoring 57 goals.

Warren Jones has built a record of wins throughout his career:

  • 07/04/08 - National champion of B - 2 (FS Allstars)
  • 10/11/08 - National champion of B - 2 (FS Allstars)
  • 02/03/09 - National champion of C - 1 (Bristol Rovers FC)
  • 03/01/11 - National champion of B - 2 (Wunchas)
  • 30/11/11 - Cup Winner (Predators)
  • 05/12/11 - National champion of The Premiership (Predators).

Warren Jones ended his career in season 22 at the service of Kinsale AFC with a career total of 275 appearances, 202 goals and 14 MoM nominations.

Following his retirement, Warren Jones has entered the hall of fame of the following teams: