Current Club: Borussia Liverpool
Age: 17
Position: DC
Nation: England
City: Liverpool
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Player ProfileEdit

Scotty Zylmans is a 17 year English attacking midfielder playing for Borussia Liverpool .

Being a native Liverpudlian he was eligible to play for the Liverpool City teams  . He made his main team debut on 9th of December to achieve his first ever cap. During the next week, the manager and Zylmans sat down and talked about his future. By mutual consent, Zylmans stopped playing for Liverpool in order to pursue his maximum training efficieny. He has said however that he does want to return and play for Liverpool and even England in the future. 

When asked about management Zylmans said that he always wanted to become manager of a proffesional team but had never had the time to do it. Allegedly though Zylmans has been rumoured to be heading to an up and coming club in the English lower divisions with a good friend of his. When quizzed about this he was quick to quash the rumor and deny he had anything to do with the unnamed club.

History & AchievementsEdit

Born and raised in Liverpool , Zylmans started playing football at the age of 9 before getting a trial in Australia just as he turned 17. Hattrick Wallabies had offered in a 21 day trial in which he made his debut at played two other games for them in the centre of defence, not his natrual position. After the trial was up he decided not to sign the contract offer Hattrick Wallabies gave him and instead moved to the Faroe Islands to play for HB Torshavn. However this did not last long as he made his debut in the left back position and after the match you could see he was furious. One day later he handed in a contract termination and left the club. This time with a safer option he returned back to Liverpool to play for Premiership side Hell's Kitchen. Unfortunatley a transfer request later he left for Borussia Liverpool.


  • First Liverpool Cap - 9/12/13
  • First Goal - 18/12/13