Manager: Tummas Schumacher
Stadium: Gambling Arena (40.000 capacity)
Division: Tippeligaen
Nation: Norway
City: Oslo
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                                            Club InformationEdit

Currents squad: Random

Trophy room: Random

Kit: Red and white

Biggest win: 27-0

Biggest loss: 1-14

History & AchievementsEdit

Random was founded by Vegard Sandvik in season 16. They started in the Norwegian C- division, but after two seasons they moved up to the B-division. They only needed one season to move up to the Tippeliga, but they moved right back to the B-division the season after, but not for long. In season 21 they moved again up to the Tippeliga and they have never looked back. Random have had the toppscorer twice in the Tippeliga with Andreas Maniero in season 21 and Kristoffer Sandvik in season 23. Random is trying to be the very best club in Norway and they have come a long way. A lot of player have grown a lot since the start of the club and the future is looking bright for the club. In season 24 Random had a manager change. Vegard Sandvik (Andreas Maniro) stepped down and the Tummas Schumacher took over the role with enthusiasm. Sandvik took over the role as an assistant manager.