Current Club: BMFA
Position: 21
Nation: England
City: London
Footstar Link: Harvey Sadhu @ Footstar

Player ProfileEdit

Harvey Sadhu is an all round defender playing for Beer Money FC (USA) having just returned from a loan at Bobby Moore's Football Academy (NZ)

Rumoured to be seeking DN having played just 4 games for England under 21's, the highly talented defender is said to be unhappy with England playing favorites. 

Harvey is currently at his team in the United States, and could gain DN in the near future. 

History & AchievementsEdit


London First Under-18 city team cap
10/09/2012 England Under 18 First Under-18 international cap
05/11/2012 Urban Ninja's National champion of D - 8
10/06/2013 England Under 21 First Under-21 international cap
17/06/2013 SWFC National champion of B - 2
07/10/2013 BMFA National champion of B - 2

England  4 U21 caps / 0 Goals 19 U18 caps / 2 Goals

London  3 U18 caps / 0 Goals