Current Club: Hardly Athletic (Loan)
Age: 21
Position: DL
Nation: England
City: Liverpool
Footstar Link: Clint Brodie @ Footstar

Player ProfileEdit

Clint Brodie is an England U21 international player currently on loan at Hardly Athletic from Greek club Locomotiv Thomas. He is a 21 year old defender who currently plays left back but is hoping to become a DLRC in the near future. He has recently joined Locomotive Thomas after enjoying a great spell at Craggy Island and he has sworn to return in a few seasons. He is also joining Ayresome AFC when his current contract runs out.


Clint came into footstar on July 16th 2012 and was invited to join Craggy Island to which he happily accepted. Clint was loaned out to Glace Bay for a 4 week loan in August 2012 in order to gain some team training which was suited to him. He then was loaned out to FC Hattrick before having to cut the 16 week loan short in order to get some speed training for the England U18's at Arsecastle United.

Clint's journey's then took him to Peru at Freestyle FC (Which has unfortunatley dissolved now) where he won his first ever medal for playing barely any time in the league. 

After receiving his first medal, Clint decided to move to Poli Nesimtirea Iasi for team training and some ITC experience as Clint was in need of an xp pop.  Just 3 months and 15 days later, Clint was loaned to Galifrey in Switzerland again for team training. 

The loan to Ayresome in the summer of 2013 changed Clint's future completely. Clint had originally planned to stay with Craggy Island until he was in his late twenties and then move to England but Ayresome convinced him to join them when he was approximately 23/24. Clint had planned to just get team training at Ayresome but fell in love with the club and the club loved him. 

After Ayresome, Clint joined FC Olympus who are a great team and Clint became one of the star players helping them in any way he possibly could and of course getting team training which suited him in return.

Clint then was forced into leaving Craggy to get ITC xp and team training at Locomotive Thomas as no loans were possible. However this has now allowed Clint to join Ayresome once his current contract ends. The first game Clint played for Locomotive Thomas ended with a red card which led to the nickname, "Dirty Brodie."

Currently Clint is at Hardly Athletic for ITC xp as Locomotive Thomas were no longer in the competition until season 25.


10/06/2013 England Under 21 First Under-21 international cap
29/04/2013 Liverpool First city team cap
01/04/2013 Liverpool First Under-21 city team cap
25/02/2013 Freestyle FC U19 National champion of Torneo Oficial Juvenil Peruano
29/10/2012 England Under 18 First Under-18 international cap
27/08/2012 Liverpool First Under-18 city team cap
5 Caps / 0 Goals
6 U21 caps / 0 Goals
4 U18 caps / 0 Goals
22 U21 caps / 4 Goals
15 U18 caps / 0 Goals

Footstar Facts

Clint was in charge of creating and being the driving force behind England's U18 World Cup in Season 21/22.

Clint is the only Liverpool CT manager to have ever made the World Cup Qualifiers and he has done so on two occassions