Club: Chicago Bears FC now known as FSA Bears
Age: 38
Position: DC
Nation: USA
City: Chicago
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Footstar Link: Brodie Brew

Player ProfileEdit

Brodie Brew is a world star name for fans across America.

Having made his USA Under 21 debut in 04/08/08, Brodie Brew has gone to make 13 appearances.

Having made his USA debut in 01/12/08, Brodie Brew has gone to make 69 appearances.

At the international level he played a total of 82 games, scored 1 goals and was nominated MoM 2 times for USA, USA Under 21.

At city level competition he made his debut for Chicago on 16/04/2012, having made 13 games and scored 0 goals in total.

He began is career at Chicago Bears FC in season 3, making a total of 10 appearances. In season 3 he joined San Diego Impact and made 17 appearances. In season 5 he joined Chicago Bears FC and made 227 appearances scored 9 goals. In season 19 he joined FSA Bears and made 43 appearances scored 6 goals. In season 22 he joined Arsecastle United and made 15 appearances. Was transfered to Hosers From Hell in season 23 for £2666 and made 8 appearances.

Brodie Brew has build a record of wins through his career: 10/09/07 - National champion of B - 2 (San Diego Impact), 21/07/08 - National champion of B - 4 (Chicago Bears FC), 17/06/09 - Cup Winner (Chicago Bears FC), 16/07/12 - National champion of B - 2 (FSA Bears), 17/06/13 - National champion of B - 1 (Arsecastle United).

Brodie Brew ended his career in season 23 at the service of Hosers From Hell with a career total of 320 appearances, scored 15 goals, was nominated MoM 13 times.

Brodie Brew entered the hall of fame of FSA Bears. Brodie Brew entered the hall of fame of USA.

History & AchievementsEdit

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