Borussia Liverpool
Borussia Liverpool
Club Info
Manager Tim Hörbach
Stadium Mount Bökel
Division Premiership
Nation Info
Nation England
City Liverpool

Club InformationEdit

Manager: Tim Hörbach


Borussia Liverpool were formed in December 2013 and entered into the English C Division. In their first full season, both the club's Main Team and Youth Team managed to promote, with the Main Team trying their luck in Division B in Season 26, and the Youth Team competing in the Youth Premier League.

Both squads continued their strong performances in Season 26: The Main Team edged out Leeds United FC and FC Deportivo for the B Division title and promoted to the Premier League with 12 wins out of 14 matches, and the Youth Team became the best U19 team in England, placing ahead of Man Utd and previous champions Croft 2.0.

In Season 27, it looked like the club would not be able to keep up its good run, as both the Main Team and the Youth Team struggled to stay in their respective leagues. While the Youth Team was relegated thanks to a lack of players, the Main Team managed to pull out a near-miraculous comeback, making up six points in the last two Premiership games to get into 6th place ahead of Victorious Secret, and reaching the FA Cup final to qualify for ITC for the first time in its history.

Season 28 saw BL repeating last season's high points in the Cup by reaching the final for the second time in a row. Even though the club suffered one of the highest losses in recent history there against Premiership champions Croft 2.0, it rewarded itself for a good season with ten more ITC matches. The club finished the Premiership season in fifth place, which would have also been enough to qualify for ITC. In their first international season, Liverpool was knocked out at the group stage, placing fourth (out of six) in their group.

The club has strong ties with German club Borussia Mönchengladbach.

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