2 Many Spartans
Club Info
Manager André Mignolet
Stadium Spartan Battlefield
Division Eerste Klasse
Nation Info
Nation Belgium
City Deinze

Club InformationEdit


André Mignolet


First Division Champions Season 20
Cup winners Season 20
First Division Champions Season 21
Cup winners Season 21
First Division Champions Season 22

Old Heroes:

Ruben Calle, Samson Ruelens, Levi Turaci, Jumpel Baseggio, Nick Pickavet, Ian van der Elst, Nestori Bacon, Rogier Van der Poorten, Fred Verschuere, Bart Dello, Jut Jacobi, John Bulsink, Kenny Geldhof, Franky Logie, Rudy Dujardin, Davy Van Daele, Kristof Vancleemput, Samuel Cool, Bertrand Pepe, Chen Cohen, André Mignolet, August Niepozorny, Arjan Broekhuizen, Manfred Walesa, Tom Deguelle, Douwe, Jack Broere, Noel van Dam, Floris De Ridder, Arne Bultynck, Cas Bultynck.


Founded on 122/8

"The team was founded after a collaboration between Noizy Boys on Weed (founded on 73/7) and Little Spartans (founded on 01/5). This fusion brought several talents together and created a team that would build up fame and name in Belgium. Both managers had been schooled in South Africa at the legendary team ’Spartans’ which resulted in the current name: 2 Many Spartans. Eager to become a legendary team in Belgium, talents from Belgium and Holland have come together to achieve this. Now the path leads towards Europe, where this team will try to put Belgium on the International map. Many will fear and many will be impressed as 2MS wreaks havoc alongside the best teams of the world."

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2 Many Spartans @ Footstar